Cultivating a Greener Future for Anuradhapura Central College

Cultivating a Greener Future for Anuradhapura Central College

On September 21, 2023, the Good Hands Initiative made a significant impact at Anuradhapura Central College during the “CENTEC 2023” exhibition. This innovative project, initiated by Good Hands Team, aimed to promote environmental awareness and sustainable agriculture practices. Anuradhapura Central College, a prominent educational institution in Sri Lanka’s North Central Province, was the perfect setting for Good Hands to inspire students and teachers alike on the benefits of coconut cultivation and responsible farming practices.

Kapruka from School

The program is designed to empower the younger generation with knowledge about responsible farming, with a specific focus on coconut cultivation. This initiative seeks to address agricultural challenges, offer potential solutions, and provide implementation strategies for sustainable farming practices. Rather than simply distributing coconut seedlings, Programme’s primary goal was to inspire and educate the students about the significance of coconut cultivation.

CENTEC 2023 Exhibition and Awareness Session

The day began with the opening of the CENTEC 2023 exhibition, where Good Hands had a unique program in store for the students. An impressive array of speakers, including the Project CEO, Project Manager, and Head of Agriculture studies, addressed the audience on pressing agricultural issues and how to tackle them. The emphasis was on the importance of coconut cultivation in Sri Lanka. Programme’s interactive approach extended to a competitive quiz program, which engaged the students and allowed them to learn while having fun. The program culminated in the distribution of school stationery items to the enthusiastic participants.

Hands-On Learning

The Good Hands team’s commitment to practical education was evident as students engaged in hands-on activities. These activities are intended to enrich the students’ agricultural knowledge and provide support for the school’s hostels. As an additional learning tool, a coconut seed nursery was established on the school grounds with around 150 coconut seeds, offering students a unique opportunity for practical experience under expert guidance. 

To support ongoing learning, around 50 coconut seedlings were provided to be planted within the school premises. Guidelines and manure were also given to ensure their successful growth, aligning with the school’s earlier requests. To further enhance students’ knowledge and as a valuable resource for the school, the “Coconut Cultivation Handbook” was presented to the Vice Principal for the school’s library and distributed to all participants.

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