Kapruka from School – 26th School Based Series of Program

Kapruka from School – 26th School Based Series of Program

Location: Kubiyangahaela Junior School, Koongahawela GN Division, Naula.

The serene ambiance of Koongahawela Village in the Central Province of Sri Lanka witnessed a remarkable event on Last week of March, 2024, as Kubiyangahaela Junior School opened its doors to the 26th school based environmental initiative. This collaborative effort, orchestrated by the esteemed Good Hands Initiative (GHI) and driven by the passionate advocacy of Child protection officer Mrs. Chamika, a dedicated government officer, aimed to empower rural communities through sustainable agricultural practices. The seeds of this initiative were sown through a series of engagements initiated by the officials from Divisional Secretary office Naula, who supported the transformative potential of school-based agricultural programs. 

Following the success of a previous initiative in the Haduwa GN Division and Haduwa Junior School, they extended an invitation to GHI to replicate the program in the economically challenged setting of Koongahawela. Nestled amidst the tranquil surroundings of Ambana junction, Kubiyangahaela Junior School has been a beacon of educational excellence since its establishment in 1952. With a student population of 208, the school has been fostering holistic growth, despite lacking specialized teachers for agriculture or technical subjects. 

The program unfolded with enthusiasm as teachers and students from grades 6, 7, and 11, totaling approximately 70-80 individuals, eagerly participated in the enriching activities. Distinguished speakers, including CEO and Assistant project Manager, shed light on pressing agricultural challenges and cultivation strategies, igniting a passion for sustainable practices among the attendees. Interactive sessions and informative presentations deepened students’ understanding of agriculture, while carefully planned practical sessions allowed for hands-on learning experiences. Under the guidance of GHI experts and dedicated teachers, students engaged in activities ranging from preparing coconut pits to nurturing seedlings in designated nurseries. 

In response to the school principal’s request, GHI organized a seminar to inspire Grade 11 students to pursue higher education in agriculture-related fields. This initiative aimed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the modern agricultural sector, thereby enhancing their future prospects. The “Kapruka From School” initiative witnessed the active participation of over 200 individuals, including students, teachers, and officials. A total of 100 coconut plants and 100 coconut seeds were distributed, symbolizing the collective commitment towards sustainable agriculture. Certificates and School Stationaries were awarded to recognize participants’ contributions, while GHI Coconut Cultivation Handbooks were distributed to supplement students’ knowledge and promote continuous learning. 

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