Kapruka from School – 24th School Based Series of Program 

Kapruka from School – 24th School Based Series of Program 

Location: Ruwangiri National School, Bogamulla, Giriulla

Ruwangiri National School, nestled in the serene landscapes of Bogamulla, stands as a beacon of educational excellence in the Kurunegala district of the North Western Province. With over 500 students, the school is a vital institution in the Narammala area, catering to students from Grade 5 to Grade 13. Not only does it prioritize academic achievements, but it also fosters holistic development through sports and extracurricular activities.

Under the initiative of Mr. Mangala and Mr. Pradeep, the school’s non-academic service personnel and principal respectively, the 24th School Based Program Series commenced at Ruwangiri National School. The program, organized with help of the Giriulla Divisional Education Office, aimed at promoting environmental awareness and sustainability among students and the community.

The event kicked off with an engaging session on coconut cultivation, addressing current agricultural challenges and potential solutions. Students enthusiastically participated in quiz programs designed to pique their interest in agriculture. Winners were honored with school equipment and certificates, motivating them to delve deeper into agricultural practices.

A highlight of the program was the hands-on session on Kapruka planting, where students actively participated in setting up a seed nursery within the school premises under the guidance of the Good Hands team. This practical experience not only imparted knowledge but also instilled a sense of responsibility towards sustainable agricultural practices.

As a gesture of appreciation for their commitment to the program, participating villagers and teachers were presented with coconut seedlings, symbolizing their dedication to sustainable development. Additionally, the school received the “Good Hands Coconut Cultivation Manual” for its library, ensuring long-term access to valuable resources on agriculture.

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