“Promoting Coconut Cultivation for Sustainable Development” Avissawella National School at Seethawaka

“Promoting Coconut Cultivation for Sustainable Development” Avissawella National School at Seethawaka

In an endeavor to instill a sense of environmental responsibility and promote sustainable development among young minds, Avissawella National School in Seethawaka embarked on a remarkable programme in collaboration with the Good Hands Initiative. The project to launch an inspiring school-based environmental programme centered around coconut cultivation.

This visionary project was set in motion thanks to the invitation of Mr. Thushara Senarathne, a resident of Avissawella. His connection with project officers laid the foundation for a transformative collaboration with educational institutions in Avissawella, beginning with Seethawaka Madhya Maha Vidyalaya. Since June 2023, the Good Hands Project officers, in coordination with Deputy Principal Mr. Krishantha, have been working tirelessly to develop this programme tailored for the school. Their unwavering efforts and commitment garnered the support and recommendation of the school’s Principal and the Avissawella Zonal Education Office following discussions in August 2023.

Seethawaka Madhya Maha Vidyalaya, also known as Avissawella National School, is a hub of education serving students from primary to advanced levels in the picturesque Seethawaka region. On September 6th, 2023, the Good Hands team initiated their project activities within the school premises. The response was overwhelming, with enthusiastic participation from school teachers, parents, and almost all the students in grade 6. The project kicked off with guest speakers addressing current agricultural challenges, potential solutions, and strategies, with a focus on coconut cultivation. The Good Hands team took the stage, delivering insightful lectures and presentations on the initiation and proper management practices of coconut cultivation, including effective pest and disease management.

The highlight of the day was the active involvement of the students, who participated in coconut planting under the guidance of the Vice Principal and other dedicated teachers. To solidify this learning experience, a Coconut seed nursery was established, filled with coconut seeds, awaiting eager hands to cultivate them. As a lasting resource, the “Good Hands Coconut Cultivation Handbook” was presented to the Principal for the school library and distributed to all participants. To express gratitude for their unwavering involvement and interest in the programme, participating parents received coconut seedlings, tangible reminders of their commitment to sustainable development.

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