Follow-up on the good hands Initiative

Follow-up on the good hands Initiative

Good Hands has been able to take a number of steps throughout 2021 to promote coconut cultivation in Sri Lanka. A number of programs were launched in the areas where the friends who connected with Good Hands Facebook page expressing their interest in coconut cultivation were living. From February to May,we were able to successfully complete a series of Coconut Seed Nursery and Coconut Seedling Programs,
achieving the vision and objectives of the project.

GHI conducted a follow-up in late November 2021 to observe the progress of the programs carried out during this period and to explore issues related to coconut cultivation. Coconut seedlings and coconut seed nurseries at 31 locations in Dankotuwa, Kadawatha, Bandaragama, Nugegoda, Panadura, Matugama, Molkawa and Ethkandura were observed.

Coconut seedlings were grown successfully at the pilot project sites and practical explanations were given on how to manage the coconut plantations and the solutions to the problems raised by those involved in the project. Meanwhile, almost all the other programs based on making a coconut seedling from a coconut were in good progress. By conducting this observation program four to five months after the coconut seedling nursery, it was possible to clearly study how the coconut seedlings have grown to the level suitable for planting in the prepared coconut seed nurseries in the respective areas.

However, some coconut seeds planted in the nurseries had been damaged due to high soil moisture and wildlife damage such as hedgehogs and proper instructions and solutions were given on the spot to overcome those issues. During this follow-up to the project, the Good Hands handbook was distributed to
the families as another attempt to uplift the enthusiasm for coconut plantation.


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