Depleting Oxygen levels threaten lives!

Our closest neighbour suffers from lack of oxygen. According to health experts a person needs about 550,000 milliliters of oxygen per day. If this requirement is not fulfilled, human beings have to face many health issues. Thus, in neighbouring India, especially in Delhi, oxygen bars have been set up to help people to buy oxygen to meet their daily requirement.

Oxygen bars set up in New Delhi to buy oxygen for breathing

The visionary leader-founder of Singapore, Lee Kwan Yue, lamented that he could not tax the air people breathe. He could not fulfill his wish but India had been forced to implement his wish. Our neighbours had to face this predicament, because of the concrete jungles built in the name of development. A few days ago, our national newspapers reported that something similar had happened to our capital city. Undoubtedly, that news touched the hearts of Sri Lankans. Fortunately, a Oxygen bars set up in New Delhi to buy oxygen for breathing statement issued by the Central Environmental Authority a few days later stated that such a situation had not arisen in Colombo. But who can say that such a situation will not arise tomorrow or in near future? One important step in facing this catastrophe is for every citizen to plant at least one tree.


A tree with a large number of well-grown leaves releases about 230,000 milliliters of oxygen per day. We need 550,000 –650,000 ml per day. The amount of oxygen released from a coconut tree into the environment per day is about 118,000 ml. There is no one in our homeland today who does not know that the number of our coconut trees is declining rapidly and that the price of coconuts, required for our daily meals, has increased due to shortfall of coconuts. Would not it be prudent to plant a coconut seedling to give oxygen for us to breathe as well as to facilitate the burden on our wallets?

Photosynthesis process

We all plant at least one coconut tree together!
We shall extend a helping hand for your endeavours!

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