Coconut Seedling Distribution Project in launched at the Headquarters Police Station Trincomalee premises e by Good Hands Initiative with the objective of encouraging Sri Lankans to cultivate coconut.

With the enthusiastic participation of PCs and WPCs 10 seedlings were planted at the premises of the Police Station, Trincomalee on February 18th.
Gathering of all PCs and the WPCs available at the station on that day and the questions raised showed their interest and enthusiasm about the project. They were keen in knowing about growth of coconut plants,
pests and diseases and remedies and were highly enthusiastic in knowing remedies. In both these occasions Good Hands explained that their prime objective is not distributing of coconut plants, but to encourage all citizens to plant at least one coconut seedling.
The GHI team explained the method of nursing a coconut and obtaining a coconut plant after seven months and distributed 20 coconuts among them.

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