2022 World Coconut Day Celebration – Eheliyagoda

2022 World Coconut Day Celebration – Eheliyagoda

A chain of programs was carried out to effectively celebrate World Coconut Day 2022 by good hands initiative, covering Karadana and Samanpura Gram Niladhari Divisions, which are a little far from Eheliyagoda town. In May this year, we visited these villages and carried out the work of organizing the project activities. After two months of discussions with the Karadana village program organizer, Ms. Varunika, and the village heads, we were able to organize a series of programs at the end of August.

On the occasion of World Coconut Day, good hands distributed free-of-charge coconut seeds for nursery as well as coconut saplings for planting to more than 70 village families belonging to Karadana and Samanpura villages.

Karadhana village

This program was organized at a public place affiliated with the Eheliyagoda Agricultural Service Center. Despite the rain, we were able to hold the program with the cooperation of the villagers mentioned above. As usual, details about the project as well as technical information related to coconut cultivation, problems, and suggestions raised by the villagers were discussed, and the good hand’s handbook was distributed. Finally, we distributed the coconut seedlings to the families who joined free of charge. After formally informing them about the nursery process, we concluded the program.

Sri Samanpura Temple and Dhamma School

The following program was initiated at Sri Samanpura temple, which belongs to the Samanpura area. GHI implemented a seed coconut nursery and coconut sapling planting program in the temple and Dhamma school grounds according to the invitation of Ven. Wimalasiri Thero, the head priest in charge of the temple. It was successfully implemented due to the cooperation of the novice monks residing in the temple.

Sri Sanghikarama Maha Viharaya

The Sri Sanghikarama temple, located next to the village of Karadana, was primarily associated with us as per the invitation of the Chief Prelate, Ven.Karadhana Dammissara Thero. With the help of Ven. Mattala Somalankara Thero, who resides in the same temple, and some villagers, GHI carried out coconut seedling planting programs in the temple.

Eheliyagoda Police Station

At Eheliyagoda Police Station, in view of OIC, Mr. Silva’s strong desire to join our project, a program related to our coconut seed nursery was implemented on the police station premises. The GH project was appreciated by the police officers, and they were informed about the project and given the manual. In the end, GHI installed only a coconut nursery at the police station because the police station was a temporary place.

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