“A coconut plant from a coconut seed” Kamburupitiya

“A coconut plant from a coconut seed” Kamburupitiya

Responding to the GHI facebook, Mr.Sandaruwan was in touch with the GHI team to organize  “A coconut Plant from a Coconut Seed” in the Kamburupitiya area in Mathara District. Under the conditions prevailing at that time, due to fuel shortage etc., there had been a slight delay in conducting a pre-inspection visit to plan the project. Nevertheless, the GHI team visited the area and the organizer who is the Chairman of the Sabandha Mithrathwa Sansandhaya” welcomed the team and briefed about the voluntary activities of the sansadhaya and showed the team the areas selected for the project.

After about a month of the preliminary visit, the GHI team conducted the project in the month of August.

Angurumalegoda village

Angurumelegoda village is located about 25 km from the Mathara – Akuressa road in Uyangoda/Karagoda area. This area has been seriously affected by the Weligama Coconut Wilt Disease resulting shortage of coconut seedlings to be planted due to the restrictions imposed. Almost all the villagers the GHI team met with briefed them on this malady.

This first program was organized to cover most of the village families of Agurumalegoda as planned by the good hands team with Mr.Sadaruwan for several weeks. Here, GH Team informed the gathered people of the project’s objectives and the technical information on coconut cultivation. After practical awareness about maintaining coconut nurseries, coconut Seeds and plants were given to each family in order to motivate them. To make the program successful, the help the village’s youth members provided was remarkable.

The Ganegoda ancient monastery and the Sri Nandarama Dhamma School

GHI implemented the program for several village families in the vicinity of the Ganegoda ancient monastery and the Sri Nandarama Dhamma School, which belongs within the Ganegoda area. In this case, most of the villagers who belong to the Ganegoda area were involved in this. We received the cooperation from Ven. Tissa Thero, under the leadership of Ven. Jinarathana Thero, the Chief Prelate of the temple.

After briefing about this project, we held another program to discuss the problems and cultivation methods related to coconut cultivation. In the end, the GH team gave coconut seeds to the villagers who joined the program at the Dhamma school premises. Mr.Karunaratne, chairman of the Kamburupitiya area of the “Kapruka” project, is involved in this program, and we received praise for our project.

Karagoda Uyangoda

We launched the next program in Karagoda Uyangoda village adjacent to Agurumalegoda village. The program was held under Mrs Udeni, Economic Development Officer, at the premises of Karagoda Uyangoda Agricultural Service Institute. Here too, a large number of village families participated in the program we conducted. As usual, after the awareness process, the GH team distributed coconut seeds to the villagers gathered as per the GHI objective.

At the end of these programs, GHI discussed a follow-up activity program with Mr.Sadaruwan and Mrs Udeni to monitor the growth of the coconut saplings given to the villagers in the above three villages.

Karagoda Uyangoda Public Security Committee Officer’s Office and Kamburupitiya Police Station

Responding to the request of Police Sergeant Mr. Abeywardena, GHI planted coconut seedlings and seeds at his office premises during the above program. After informing Kamburupitiya Police Station OIC Mr.Gunasinghe, the GH team reached the Kamburupitiya Police Station premises as per the invitation received. He appreciated the work of the GH project, and GH Team gave coconut seedlings for planting on the premises. And The good hand’s manual containing coconut cultivation information was presented to the gathered police officers.

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