“Planting Seeds of Success” The 9th stage of Inspiring Young Minds in Coconut Cultivation at A/Upulwehera Junior School

“Planting Seeds of Success” The 9th stage of Inspiring Young Minds in Coconut Cultivation at A/Upulwehera Junior School

Mr. WM Kamal, the Principal of Upulwehera Junior College, contacted us expressing keen interest in the programmes and objectives of Good Hands Initiative through social media. Upulwehera Junior College is situated in the village of Negampaha, approximately 10-15 kilometres from Adiagala town on the route to Galewela – Kalawewa. The village faces constant threats from wild elephants, and its residents lead challenging lives primarily dependent on agricultural activities.

In April 2023, the Principal invited us for a discussion with the residents of Negampaha, and we also contacted the Director of Education associated with the Kalawewa area. Subsequently, we initiated preliminary preparations for organizing the programmes, and by the end of May, the programme was launched.

After completing all the necessary arrangements, we arrived at Upulwehera Junior College premises, which was selected as the venue for launching the Good Hands Programme.

This morning, a awareness programme was conducted to promote coconut cultivation, in which Mrs. M M Ekanayake, the Village Service Officer of Negampaha area, Mrs. M K Wijetunga, the Development Officer K R Herath, the President of the Regional Farmers’ Society, the Principal, the teachers, and nearly all the students of the school participated. Due to the students’ enthusiastic interest in the awareness programme, our team distributed school supplies.

As part of the practical activities and assignments related to the environment, each child was provided with one coconut seed for a nursery application. With the assistance of the teachers and parents from the village, we successfully carried out a “Kapruk planting programme” on the school premises under the theme of “one coconut tree per student”. Following the instructions, the children, accompanied by their parents, planted seedlings in the vacant areas of the school.

Furthermore, a free copy of the Good Hands manual, containing information on coconut cultivation, seedlings, and seeds, were distributed to all actively involved villagers. Towards the end, the CEO of good hands initiative presented handbooks to the school library as a gesture of appreciation.

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