Pests control alternatives – Black beetle pheromone trap

The majority pays very little attention to this because black beetle damage is not as deadly as red beetle damage. A major problem is the stunted growth of the coconut tree due to the beetle damage found in all the coconut growing areas in Sri Lanka and the increase in the time it takes for the tree to ripen. The black beetle damages coconut trees of all ages and this pest cannot be underestimated as
the red beetle can appear on the affected areas. Black beetle pheromone traps can be introduced as a mechanical method used for control. Insect populations can be reduced by trapping and destroying adult black beetles using pheromone traps. Male black beetles release three specific sex chemical compounds. ethyl 1 – 4 – methyloctanoate, a aggregated pheromone, has the potential to attract both male and female beetles.

In setting up the pheromone trap,

1.A PVC pipe with 5 or 6 feet high and 4 or 6 inches in diameter is required.

2.Make two 4 X 3-inch windows with a spacing of 14 inches on each side of the pipe as shown.

3.A hole about an inch and a half above the bottom window of the pipe should be drilled to retain the pheromones.

4.The lower end of the pipe should be drilled to allow rainwater to drain, as shown in the figure.

5.The perforated lower end should be closed with a lid so that it closes well as shown in the figure. (Let the water drain out of the perforated areas)

6.Then fill with coir or coconut husks about two feet from the bottom of the tube. The pheromone attaching window should not be blocked. Coconut husks or coir are used to provide a medium for trapping beetles.

7.As a final step, the pheromones provided should be placed near the bottom (closest to the ground) window.

Things to consider when setting the trap field

• The trap should be kept in a shady place so that the windows do not close.
• Check every two weeks to remove trapped insects and reposition the trap as before.
• Pheromones should be changed at least once every three months

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