Fostering a Sustainable Tomorrow for Nakkawaththa Mahinda Maha Vidyalaya, Andiyagala (Giriulla)

Fostering a Sustainable Tomorrow for Nakkawaththa Mahinda Maha Vidyalaya, Andiyagala (Giriulla)

Nakkawatta National School, with its 3000 students and a strong academic reputation, has become a hub for positive change in Andiyagala. Despite facing challenges, the school stands tall with a rich history of fostering academic achievement, nurturing individual talents, and instilling core values. Thanks to Mr. Missaka Anuradha’s initiative, the Green Hands Initiative partnered with the school for an innovative series of environmental programme.

Under the leadership of the Principal and dedicated teachers, the school quickly became a focal point for sustainable education. Collaborating with the Giriulla Education Zone Office, the Good hands team visited the school on 1st week of December 2023.

The School hosted a transformative environmental education program led by the GHI team, And the event saw active participation from teachers, villagers, and Grade 6 &7 students.

Guest speakers, including GHI team members and Mr. Dabare from the Vice Principal, addressed agricultural challenges, focusing on sustainable solutions, especially in coconut cultivation. Engaging lectures, Q&A sessions, and a quiz programme enriched students’ understanding, with school stationery awarded as prizes.

The programme seamlessly transitioned into hands-on activities, with students and teachers actively participating in coconut cultivation initiatives guided by the Good hands team. Coconut pits and nurseries were prepared, and students worked in groups to plant coconut seedlings and nursing coconut seeds on the school premises. These practical sessions not only educated but also instilled a sense of responsibility for sustainable agricultural practices.

To further enrich students’ knowledge, “Coconut Cultivation Handbooks” were gifted to the Principal for inclusion in the school library. Additionally, coconut seedlings were shared as tokens of appreciation with prelates, teachers, and participants who actively contributed to the initiative.

Nakkawatta National School’s journey with the Green Hands Initiative exemplifies the power of collaboration in fostering sustainable education and environmental awareness. The school is not just a center for academic excellence; it is now a thriving hub for nurturing a greener, more sustainable future.

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