Managing Coconut Cultivation

Managing Coconut Cultivation

By following effective systems and methods a good crop could be obtained from coconut cultivation. For a country like Sri Lanka the benefit through coconut cultivation is extremely important. In order to develop economic benefits, results gained from coconut cultivation are higher than that of other crops. However, it is very important to understand the correct methodology to obtain good harvest. To increase harvest, a good understanding about methodology is needed and through correct management desired results could be achieved.

1.Understanding the land

Basically, a good understanding about the land is necessary as all other factors get decided on this understanding. As an example, from the time the decision is taken about the crop to be cultivated till the harvest, everything shall take place based on the land. Through knowledge on soil conservation as well as about weak soil, successful yield could be achieved.

2.Age of the Plantation

Understanding the age groups of the plants fertilizing etc. could be carried out systematically. Within the age groups, based on the type of trees, future productivity could be decided on.

3. Water Sources

Based on a correct water source obtaining water for the plantation is important. Through this,  decisions could be reached at how to supply water during dry spells. One important factor to remember is that the source shall not be dried up in the dry season.

4. Number of trees

Complete knowledge and understanding on the number of trees is extremely important, as everything will get decided on this number.With this knowledge, manuring, vacant numbers, number of plants, removal etc. could be decided on.

I. Manuring
Knowledge on number of trees is essential in manuring. Based on this knowledge only the quantity needed to manure could be reached at.

ii Number of vacant plots
Knowledge on the number of vacant plots is important, as it shall give an insight as to the number needed to re-plant to fill the vacan plots. This will help to update the records on trees available on continuous basis.

iii. Removal of trees
It is necessary to maintain the maximum number of trees with high yield and removing weak trees. Even under a good management, it is a normal situation to have about 5% of weak trees in low age categories. But within an year the weak plants must be removed and replaced. By filling the vacant plots as soon as possible, a unique coconut cultivation with healthy trees could be achieved. In order to achieve same, understanding of the number of trees is extremely important.

5. Weed Control

Since excessive growth shall pose difficulties to the plantation these to be correctly controlled.

6. Maintaining the fertilizer circle

As the fertilizer circle is beneficial to the yield, it is important to maintain the circle properly by maintaining the covers.

7. Controlling diseases and pests

This is of paramount importance as from the time a plant grown, during various age groups, many number of diseases could get created. To prioritize this aspect, constant inspection of trees are basic necessities for a qualitative coconut cultivation.

Following also are very important:

* Maximum utilization of land

* Proper harvesting

* Following correct systems

* Manure at correct time

* Maintaining proper records

Additionally, proper instructions and guidance could be obtained from the Coconut Development Officer of the area. The coconut Development board too disseminate salient information, methods of subsidies.Hence, in order to improve productivity in coconut cultivation proper management is extremely important.