Series of GHI programmes carried out at Dunkumbura village for the promotion and safety of coconut cultivation.

Series of GHI programmes carried out at Dunkumbura village for the promotion and safety of coconut cultivation.

Dunkumbura Tampita Temple and Dunkumbura Village

Out of the good hands Initiative this year, our team had the good fortune to organize another series of special programmes in Hatharaliyadhdha area of  Kandy district in the last quarter of October. Mr. Ruwan Ambanwala, a farmer who has been in contact with us for a while using the Facebook page and website, provided the preliminary contribution and support to this series of programmes.

On the invitation of the coordinator, Mr. Ruwan, we came to this village in September. We held initial rounds of discussions with the local village officials and the chief prelate of the temple, Ven. Somananda Thero, at Dunkubura Tampita Vihara, the village’s main temple. Due to the communication we had with the coordinator Mr. Ruwan for several weeks and his commitment, the organization of the programmes, could be completed in the last week of October. The awareness session started in the early hours on the day with the participation of more than a hundred villagers At Dunkumbura Tampita Viharaya.

Especially for this event, the Hatharaliyadhdha Divisional Secretary, Mr. Hemantha Kumara, the Dunkubura GN Officer, Mrs. Sudharma Malkanthi, the Secretary of Rural Development Society, the Dunkubura Tempita Viharaya Chief Prelate and, Dhamma School Principal, Ven. Somanandha thero and several officers of the Regional Development Board of that area participated willingly and appreciating the project. It was a great strength for us. GH briefed the gathering in detail about coconut cultivation and the future of coconut cultivation in Sri Lanka amidst the enthusiastic support of the participants.

In the second session of the project, we gave practical knowledge about the successful nursery of coconut seeds and the planting of coconut saplings to the villagers. Respecting their wisdom and discussing each traditional matter scientifically, we showed how to manage cultivation properly. Apart from this, we carried out a coconut planting programme at the temple premises.

At the end of the above programmes, we mainly had public awareness about the harmful effects of the coconut white fly, which is currently growing as an epidemic. The reason for this special awareness was because it was evident in our studies that the damage of the “coconut white fly” was not  an acute level by October 2022 in the Hatharaliyadhdha Area, hence, with the primary objective was to of explain to the farmers the steps need to be taken at the initial stage.

Finally, we distributed free coconut seeds for the nursery, coconut seedlings for planting, and good hands manual to the families who joined the programme. The village people were divided into groups, and GH appointed leaders to each group to formally study the planting of the given seeds and seedlings.

Hatharaliyadhdha Police Station

According to our previous information and under the coordination of Mr. Ruwan, the Station OIC, Mr. Kalum Tharanga of Hatharaliyedda Police Station, showed great enthusiasm for our project. Acting OIC, Mr. Susil, was informed about the future activities of our project, and we gave good hands manuals to the police station. Since the location of the Hatharaliyadhdha police station was temporary, we provided coconut seedlings for planting.

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