Seed Coconut Nursing and Knowledge Distribution Project for the residents of the Kuruwita, at the Kuruwita Police Headquarters by Good Hands Initiative with the objective of encouraging Sri Lankans to cultivate coconut.

On the invitation of the officers at the Kuruwita Police Headquarters, A program based on nursing coconut seeds was conducted in the first week of May at its premises. 

The event was sponsored by the Police and was attended by a group of farmers who were interested in coconut cultivation in the Kuruwita area. We were able to discuss the issues and suggestions they encountered and share knowledge. Also, a practical demonstration on how to nurse seed coconut was held at the premises.

Here, good hands basically explained, “Making a coconut seedling by Nursing coconut seed at home” is the best and most reliable way to make the most of the time wasted in finding coconut seedlings. Seed coconuts and coconut seedlings were also distributed to those who came believing in our vision, as a guide to planting one coconut plant per person.

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