How to fertilize Coconut Trees in Sri Lanka

How to fertilize Coconut Trees in Sri Lanka

To give a higher yield coconut tree absorbs nutrients from soil. Since in many areas nutrients are low, supplying of nutrients to such soil is known as “manuring”. This could be either through organic fertilizer or chemical fertilizer.

I. Using Chemical Fertilizer
There are two main methods:

i. Using mixed fertilizer
ii. Using un-mixed fertilizer
There are recommendations for coconut plants as well as for trees bearing nuts

Time to fertilize

Always the wetness in the soil must be maintained. Through applying after heavy rainfall can minimize the fertilizer getting washed away

Fertilizing the coconut plants

Based on the age of the plant, fertilizer to be used once in 6 months. After that fertilizer to be spread in the fertilizer circle and covered the area using a hoe

Age of the plantRadius of the Fertilizer
6 M1 Foot
1 Y2 Feet
2 Y3 Feet
3 Y4 Feet
4 beyond 4 Y5 Feet

Fertilizing trees bearing nuts

Fertilizing to be done once a year. The fertilizer circle has to be 6 feet.