goodhands Initiative First Anniversary 2021

goodhands Initiative First Anniversary 2021

The Kapruka coconut tree is a kalpa tree that has been associated with the culture of Sri Lanka for many generations. As our traditional diets are increasingly based on coconut, there is no denying that per capita coconut consumption is high. It is currently estimated that about 70 percent of the annual coconut crop in Sri Lanka is used for home cooking.

However, the gradual extinction of coconut trees from our land due to various reasons has been a significant phenomenon throughout the past. At the same time, the coconut crop is currently unable to meet the demand for consumption in the country and the corresponding fluctuations in prices have reached unbearable levels in the lives of the people.

In addition, coconut cultivation and all related sectors are currently severely affected due to reduced yields mainly due to pests and nutrient deficiencies. It is not difficult to get rid of this catastrophic situation that we are not aware of because we are all at the right time to take positive and long-term solutions.

The problem is that there are not enough coconut trees.

In such a context, good hands activism is introduced for a positive and long-term solution to this problem.

Our sole objective is to instill in at least one citizen the interest, confidence and energy to plant and maintain a coconut plant from coconut seed nursing, as much as possible.

It is always a challenge to make the people understand our belief in our unique vision and objectives, but it is certain that it will make Sri Lanka self-sufficient in coconuts again.

That is our only Hope!!!

Community care through good hands operation

  1. To plant seedling nurseries and distribute coconut seedlings for planting to our families who are interested in coconut cultivation through our social networks.

    • So far, a number of projects based on coconut seedling nursery and imparting knowledge have been successfully implemented in about 35 villages.

    • The pilot project was carried out in February in the Colombo and Gampaha districts, in Kotte, Nugegoda and Kadawatha, and in the Dankotuwa and Pothuwatuna areas in the Puttalam district.

    • Then a number of projects were carried out in the Kalutara District, Matugama, Agalawatta, Baduraliya, Mahagama and Molkawa areas and in Panadura and Bandaragama areas during the months of March and April.
  2. Seedling nurseries and planting of coconut seedlings in public places such as care centers, police stations and Army Headquarters premises.

    • Special programs were conducted at the Special Needs Women’s Care Centers at Ethkadura and Trincomalee Air Force Holiday Resorts
    • Programs were also conducted at Trincomalee, Kuruwita, Panadura, Bandaragama and Hirana Police Stations at the cordial invitation of its officers.
  3. Provide coconut related knowledge and solutions to problems through the goodhands Facebook page, WhatsApp messages, YouTube videos, web site and phone calls.

    • Currently, the goodhands Facebook page has over 50,000 members.
  4. Maintain a page on the goodhands website to assist coconut manufacturers and encourage their carriers.
    • This program has been initiated to assist those who are engaged in coconut-based products in various parts of the country. We are already working through the web page and Facebook page to strengthen the people who are engaged in the production of coconut husks, coconut coir, coconut shells and coconut related foods.
    Goodhands Initiative hopes to grow coconut cultivation by launching various other plans in the future. Suggestions and advice that are useful for the advancement of this task are also sought from all parties involved in coconut cultivation to achieve our ultimate goal…

    Today marks the First anniversary of the official launch of Goodhands Initiative, a program to nurse more than 100 coconut seeds and plant coconut seedlings in the Kurunegala and Pannala areas as a foundation for the future and an exemplary action for the people of Sri Lanka.


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