“First step from school to coconut cultivation”

“First step from school to coconut cultivation”

The 7th stage of demonstrating and disseminating information about coconut cultivation centred around schools held at the Siri Rathanajothi Vidyathana Piruwena & Sri Rohana Sangha Hedquarters, Thelijjavila.

In the first half of 2023, the Principal of Siri Ratanajoti Vidyathan, Mr. M. Shantha, invited us to a school-related programme conducted by the good hand’s project. These premises, known as the “Sri Rohana Sangha” headquarters, became very famous in the southern province of Sri Lanka. This institution, which provides excellent services in terms of religious education, has two leading schools, primary and secondary. The “good hands – The Kapruka from School” programme was launched in the last week of March 2023 in this institution, where about 550 students are currently studying.

Siri Rathanajothi Vidyathana Piruwena, Thelijjavila

With the patronage of the Principal of the College, the chief prelate of the Temple and other leaders, we could start the programme in the premises located on the northern side of Matara city. The Chief prelate, the Principal, teachers and parents, as well as laymen and students of the school from grades 7 to 11, participated in our programme. First, a series of lectures on “Coconut Cultivation” was also conducted, updating information on the damage and remedies of the Coconut white fly and Waligama Coconut Leaf Wilt Disease (WCLWD) spreading rapidly around coconut.

Then we gave practical exercises to students about the activities from a coconut seed to planting a coconut tree and assigned them. Here we could build a seed nursery of about 60 coconut seeds for the school students by their own hands. At the end of that session, we implemented a “Kapruka” planting programme on the institute and temple premises with the support of all those present.

We presented the “Good Hands Coconut Cultivation Manual” to the library to further study students and distributed it to all those involved in the programme. In the end, coconut seeds for nursery and coconut seedlings for planting were distributed to the village parents and school teachers who participated in the programme in appreciation of their interest in the concept of good hands and their contribution to the programme.

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