Coconut Seedling Distribution Project in Nugegoda, Kotte, Madiwala, Kadawatha,Pothuwatuna and Dankotuwa by Good Hands Initiative with the objective of encouraging Sri Lankans to cultivate coconut.

A few projects conducted by good hands to distribute coconut seedlings as a helpline to the viewers of the Facebook page who made requests for coconut plants, were successfully concluded during past few days. The inaugurating distribution was carried out centered around Western Province on February 6th as a pilot project. Distributing coconut plants to a few viewers who requested for seedlings through the FB page has been carried out successfully. To ten citizens living in Nugegoda, Kotte, Madhiwela, Pothuwatuna, Kadawatha and Dankotuwa were handed over coconut plants and planted. At this occasion, they raised questions about pests and diseases and controlling methods and appropriate clarifications were given by the GHI team.

Recipients as well as the people who gathered at the distribution event, heavily praised the activity initiated by the Good Hands. A teacher for advanced level classes at an International School who constantly in touch with the Facebook page, and who obtained coconut plants expressed his opinion in following manner

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