Planting Coconut Plants

Planting Coconut Plants

As the life span of a coconut tree is about 60 years, the foundation of a successful coconut plantation is the selection of a high quality plant. A good coconut tree could be created by nurturing seed coconut selected from a correct, fertile tree. These plants are available at the nurseries of Coconut Development Board.

Basically coconut plants could be obtained in two forms:

1.Non-Polybag seedlings

After nurturing seed coconuts for about 7 months only the good seedlings will be selected plant.

2.Polybag seedlings

Once the sprig becomes about ½ an inch of the seed coconuts nurtured in the nursery those will be planted polybag. It is advantageous to grow polybag plants in the field.

Features of a high quality coconut plant

1.Fat trunk
2.Green colored fronds in the center
3.Wide spread of fronds
4.Being with shortened branches
5.Being with 4 – 5 leaves
6.Sharp edges on leaves
7.Being without any diseases and pest

Growing the plants and gap to be maintained

If a polybag plant, the bottom has to be cut off and placed in the coconut pit filled with soil and some amount of soil is removed from its center. Finally, it has to be carefully uprooted without damaging roots.

Growing the plants and gap to be maintained

To grow the plant a sandy soil to be selected where there is bright sun light.

Coconut pit has to be 3’ X 3’ X 3’

The number of coconut plants to be grown is basically decided on the methods and recommended distance

System of PlantingDistance between plantsNo. if plants per acre
Square Method
26’ x 26’

24 x 24′

Wide Lines Method
26’ x 32’
Special Wide Lines Method26’ x 40’

The most suitable method to grow coconut trees is the Square Method. Since the coconut plant nourishes on sunlight and the length of a grown stem is about 3-4 meters, the prescribed distance (between plants) is essential.

The pits have to be prepared 1-2 months prior to planting of trees in the field. Area of the pit varies according to type of soil.

Sandy Soil 3’X3’X3’
Soil with gravel/ quartz 4’X4’X4’

Coconuts could be planted for Yala Season (May/ June) in wet and intermediary zones and for Maha season (October/ November)
However, planting in dry zone is recommended only during Maha season