Coconuts could be identified as a food connected with our life from birth till death. Coconut water is a major component in a coconut. If the consumers had even a modest idea about the qualities of the coconut water, no one would have thrown away this valuable component after breaking a coconut. Though we do this in our country, many people in other countries drink bottled or canned coconut water for healthy living. Once you read this article you shall realize we throw away an extremely valuable asset obtained from this wonderful tree!

Coconut Water which had been recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), is a beverage that could cure many internal and external maladies. Many remedial qualities contained in both the coconut kernel and coconut water help human beings to live a healthy life. Coconut water contains 94% water and a small quantity of lipids. Generally, about 206 ml could be obtained from a coconut. Coconut water obtained from one coconut shall contains (206 ml) 39 Calories and
contains the following nutrients.

Following are a few important characteristics of coconut water:

• As coconut water is abundant in potassium, it has more nutritional value than that of a glass of orange and a glass of milk. It is recorded that many had been cured using coconut water as saline during World War II..

• Using coconut water for washing shall cure burns, shall remove pimples and other blemishes on the skin as well as helps to retain the wetness and the glow in the skin.

• Using coconut water to wash and massage the head shall remove lice, cure wounds on the scalp, stop falling hair, and shall give a healthy flock of hair. This happens due to the fact that coconut water contained the “lauric acid” which could remove fungus, acts as a natural hair conditioner.

• Coconut water contains healthy fatty acids and controls high blood pressure and prevents heart attacks.

• Coconut water controls cholesterol and improves blood circulation. As an example, it had been concluded at a study done using patients with high blood pressure that their HBP has been reduced by 71%

• “Monolaurin” in coconut water could destroy infectious bacteria as well as herpes, H1N1 viruses

• As coconut water is abundant with sodium, potassium, magnesium it could cure infertility and improve sexual activities

• Drinking coconut water is healthy for eyes. It shall control cataracts, glaucoma and improve eye sight

• Strengthens muscles and controls cramps

• Coconut water could prevent mental pressure, depression, gastritis, cancer, stomach ailments, sicknesses caused by intestinal worms

• Coconut water reduces high level of sugar in blood.

• It has been discovered that coconut water improves immunity

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